Wednesday, August 7, 2013

School starts when?

Well I've forgotten how chaotic the beginning (or even pre-beginning) of the school year can be, sweet summertime is coming to a quickly approaching end. . .as in school starts back tomorrow! I already miss the laid back days of letting the kiddos play outside while I cook dinner, instead of rushing to complete homework; and don't tell TJ, but I'm dreading the homework just as much (or maybe more) than he is!

Sigh. . .a few last funny summer memories:

Last week while driving home, as usual, Tristan is making plans for playing outside. He always tells Tan what they will do when they get home, and she usually just smiles and nods. But, she was being a little fiesty that day:

Tristan: "Tan, we gonna wide my truck when we get home, ok?"

Tan: "NO!" (in a really sassy tone)!

Tristan: "Fine den. You not my fwiend. Mommy's my fwiend. She can't fit in my twuck, just Daddy's. But she's my fwiend, not you."

Tis true, but gee thanks buddy! Needless to say for anyone that knows Mayhem. . .
He won.

And on a few occasions, he has planned to "Mow da gwass." But, it's just so much easier to get that mower moving on the road, so that's usually where we end up. I just love how serious Tristan is (had to get his mowing boots on), and how prissy Tan looks. . .just like a Southern lady to get a dolled up to mow the grass ;-)

The next day, Tristan told Tan, "We gonna mow da gwass Sissy, get you hemet!" He grabbed his and handed her the race car helmet (which is about 10 pounds and she could hardly keep her head up straight). Wonder what the next accessory might be?!

Well, we still have several months of HOT, Summery weather around here, so maybe we'll squeeze in a few more laid back weekends (at least until football games begin). . .


  1. Such sweet and hilarious commentary!!!! You had me rolling!!!! Sounds like something my jokers would say. . .And school starts TOMORROW???? Wow! That is crazy! We have two more weeks left. . .Aug 26th is our start date. . .thank goodness. . .I still have shopping to do, and we haven't really taken a real vacation yet. . .you are definately ahead of me in that area with YOUR GREAT ESCAPE weekend. Well it'll be good to get into a new routine, good luck with school! I know this will be a great year for all of you!

  2. such cute kids:) I know C is going to miss Tan being in her class. Maybe she won't be too far behind and will go to the same teacher.