Wednesday, July 24, 2013

SAVE me from this RAIN!

So, last night a few Superheroes came to my cranky/rain-induced mood rescue!

This has been the rainiest, coolest summer I can ever remember. . .I honestly can't think of a day that it hasn't rained at least a little bit! So, as soon as we got home yesterday afternoon, my heroes suited up! I asked them to stop for a picture and pose. TJ told Tristan he needed to "spin a web" for his pose, but it kind of turned out like an "I'm not a crook" Richard Nixon pose! Tan thought Elmo could spin a little web of her own!

Saturday, it only rained in the morning and afternoon which equals a mostly sunny day for us, so we spent it having fun at the lake. We found a turtle crossing the road on the way up, so I hopped out of the car to "save" him!

We played with sidewalk chalk.

We played in the hammock.

We went on the boat, and skied.

And, we listed to KK read books.

Crazy to think that summer is almost over, and it hasn't even reached 100 degrees here yet! We start school in a few short weeks, and are hoping not to get soaked any more. . .unless it's with sunshine! Hoping Earth's Mightiest Heroes don't have to make a return. . .

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