Thursday, May 23, 2013


So, I've been know to suffer from the occasional "Mommy-Brain" syndrome. And lately, it seems to be effecting my driving. . .thankfully not necessarily how I drive, more where I drive. A few weeks ago, I was thinking about going to TJ's school for his program the next day. I was driving home, and drove completely passed the turn into our neighborhood. A few yards past, Tristan says "Mommy, where you goin'?" Yes, it's sad when my 3 year old knows where we are supposed to be going and completely calls me out! I just said, "Oops, I guess I'm crazy!" He laughed and said, "You so silly, Mommy."

Well, yesterday I was driving home again. This time, I got off an exit early (Don't ask me why. . .I don't have a reason that I can explain. . .but please, I'm fine. . .don't tell anyone ok?!).

Tristan: "Mommy, why you gettin' off here?"

Me: (Realizing I'm not on my exit) "I don't know! I guess I'm crazy!"

Tristan: (Laughing) "You crazy. . .AGAIN, Mommy?!"

Me: "Yes, I guess so!"

Tristan: "I gonna tell Daddy you is crazy!"

Me: (Laughing) "Ok."

Tristan: "And, I fink he's gonna yike it!"

Not really sure what that says about me. . .or Daddy! Thank goodness it's almost Memorial Weekend. . .a nice LONG break (well, break is a bit strong of a word. . .at least I won't be driving home for a few days)! Definitely in need of a little R&R at the lake! Happy Memorial Day all!

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