Friday, May 31, 2013

Memorial Weekend. . .SPLASH!

Well, I had hoped to have a relaxing loooong weekend at the lake over Memorial weekend, but we were hit, and hit hard. . .by a stomach bug! Tan was struck first on Tuesday night, when we had been at the ballpark no more than 10 minutes, and she throws up all over me, and herself! Thank goodness for sweet friends nearby that helped me get cleaned up enough to walk back to the car. I stayed home with her on Wednesday, and then TJ was struck down on Friday! But, by Friday night, as kids go. . .he was eating dinner and bouncing around. So, we decided to head down to the lake Saturday. Lots of fun in the sun, boat rides, and jetski adventures! But for some reason, this is the only pic I took of the day. . .nothing more relaxing than a hammock!

Until dinner. . .TJ sat down at the table with his plate, and then threw up everywhere! So, we quickly ate dinner, and promptly headed home, stopping by Kroger to pick up some Dramamine! He seemed much better by Sunday, and after Thomas and Tristan returned from church, we headed back to the lake for some more fun. Took a few more pics on Sunday!

Tristan was unusually quiet most of the day, and had been so super good that I joked about him feeling ok. We were getting ready to ride on the boat when Tristan suddenly threw up all over the dock. I could tell he wasn't feeling good, so he stayed at the house with Papa while we took a quick ride. When I came back, I knew he was sick. . .

He didn't eat anything the rest of the day, and we had to fight him to drink a drop of anything! But, Aunt Lyda had told him he could spend the night with her, so he was bound and determined to do so. . .and he did! Monday morning everyone was back and ready for one last day! All of the kids went tubing with Daddy. Tan didn't understand why she wasn't on the boat, so she didn't last long. Tristan was next, but wasn't feeling it either. And after quite a bit of coaxing, TJ finally went. . .and LOVED it!

We got home early Monday evening, and just for good measure, Tanner threw up on the kitchen floor as soon as we walked in the door! Thankfully that was the last of it! We are so grateful that the bug has left, but we are ever more grateful to the men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to fight for our freedom and the freedoms of others. And a huge THANK YOU to the service men and women who protect us today!

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