Thursday, October 4, 2012

T-N-T Boom!

"Big T"


"Little T"

My boys. So beautiful, excuse me, handsome! Oh, how I love them. I love their eyes, their smiles, their dirty fingers and stinky feet. I love their little hugs and sticky, sugary kisses.

They are so fun to watch while they are playing together. Chasing each other in circles around the house; giggling as they dodge each others swipes. Hold up...wait! What kind of fairy tale am I living in?! That only happens initally before the fights break out...

Mayhem is 2, and has become quite good at pushing all of the right (or wrong) TJ buttons! Like this past Saturday. We were at the lake; enjoying our last summer hurrah. We were playing on the dock and Tristan began screaming at TJ because he wanted the toy boat he was playing with. I explained to Tristan that TJ had it first, and that when he put the boat down or was finished with it, then he may have a turn. Initially he seemed upset that he didn't get his way, but quickly picked up another toy. Whew...proud of myself for stopping a fight before it started. A minute later, Tristan's toy hurled through the air and hit TJ square on his chest. Stunned, TJ grabbed the closest toy and threw it back at Tristan. One more shot from Tristan, and TJ threw the other toy in his hand...the boat! After it hit him, Tristan picked up the boat, turned to TJ and smiled, then said, "thanks TJ!"

Again, I'm asking for your prayers...

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  1. Ha!!!!! They are so much smarter than we give them credit for!!! He knew exactly what he was doing! I love him. Oh mama! I'm praying, I'm praying!!!!

    Sorry I've been away so long. Its been crazy over here. Now I come by your blog and its only been a couple of months but the boys look like they've been growing like weeds. Craziness!!!!