Monday, October 29, 2012

Our Punkins at the Patch

Last weekend was "my" weekend that I got to pick what we did on Saturday. First thing Saturday morning, we had our family pics taken by our favorite photographer Jessica Mitchell. Tanner wasn't really feeling it that morning, so we took a break and reconveined after a nap and lunch. The afternoon pics went much better and they turned out amazing!

After our afternoon naps, we headed to Lafayette to the Jack-o-lantern Lane Pumpkin Patch. We've been before, but TJ was probably around Tristan's age, so it's been a while! Tristan was most excited about the tractors, and TJ was most excited about the petting zoo. And, sweet Tan was just along for the ride!


We all picked out our favorite pumpkins, and lined them up to decide on the best one.

Petting Zoo was next.

"Come heah little bunny!"

Then the corn grinders. Out of everything, I thought we would never get them off of these! I have weird kids.

My manly men...

Another loop through the petting zoo. They tried to stop at the corn grinders again...weird!

Such a fun day and one Happy, Blessed Mommy!

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