Monday, November 5, 2012

Mickey, Minnie, & The Cap.!

Halloween was so much fun this year! Last year it was a little hectic and overshadowed by our sweet Tanner's arrival 16 days before.

TJ just recently watched The Avengers, and had his mind set that he would be Captain America. Not just for his superhero qualities, but because he is a man that always does the right thing! TJ likes to play by the rules, and likes to let us know when one of his siblings (Tristan) isn't doing so!
He was so excited to be Captain America, but there was just one problem. . . a BIG problem. I couldn't find a costume anywhere! Wednesday was quickly approaching so at the last minute (Monday) I just broke down and ordered it online. Thank goodness it fit perfectly! He wore it all night Tuesday and had it on Wednesday before I got home from work. The only downfall. . . the mask. . . it kept slipping over his eyes. And instead of fixing it, he just walked around tripping all night long. He even scared some poor couple by falling down their front steps! He had a blast and was the cutest Captain America I've ever seen!

Tristan loves Mickey. So, I decided I would just put together a Mickey costume instead of buying one that he could only wear once. I bought a cheap pair of red sweat pants, a black shirt, spray painted some old crocs yellow, added some ears and white stickers as buttons on his pants and voila! Super cuteness!
For the last few years our first stop has been at KK & Papa's house. So we arrived, and the kids were all excited to get started on the candy-filled walk. We knocked on the door and some creepy looking man comes out of KK & Papa's house growling and snarling and such. Tristan's eyes almost popped out of his head as he tried to reconcile what he was seeing at his Grandparent's house. He burst into tears and nearly knocked me over as he jumped into my arms! Mean 'old Papa liked to have scared him to death! For the rest of the night, any time he saw a kid with a scary mask on he started crying a running for Mommy. . . poor baby! But, Tristan loves Halloween candy. And, as He trick-or-treated, he would leave the front door, immediately raid his bucket for candy, and walk to the next house eating. And so serious as he worked the doors for his treats. He did that all the way around the block. Trick-or-Treat, eat. Trick-or-Treat, eat.

Since Tristan was Mickey, I thought Tanner would be cute as Minnie. I made her skirt out of tulle, and put it with a black shirt and tights, and added some Minnie ears. I still can't believe she left the Minnie ears almost the whole time!
We strolled Tanner this year since she is a little on the slow side ;-) One of the first houses we stopped at was handing out homemade cotton candy. I didn't know she would even know what it was, but she quickly let me know otherwise! She would yell, "Mama! Mama! Mama!" at me until I would give her a bite, and then grunt until I gave her another. If I got too far away from her with the cotton candy in my hands, she let me know it!

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  1. Looks like a perfect Halloween. Picture Perfect! That Captain America uniform is absolutely adorable!!!! I know he got so many compliments. He (they all are) growing up so fast. And. . .the mouse's were TOO adorable. I wish my kiddos would still let me pick out their costumes:)