Wednesday, September 1, 2010

You don't know what you've gotten yourself into...

As mentioned, my BFF is getting married in about 3 weeks from now. TJ and I are both in the wedding, and I'm not so sure Ms. Jenna knows what she has gotten herself into...well, that is until last Friday! We drove over to Montgomery Friday evening to get TJ fitted for his tux. First of all, Men's Warehouse pretty much stinks...yes, I am naming names, and it is the one in East Chase shopping center just in case you would like the exact location. We walked in...with a 5 year old B.O.Y., mind you, and had to wait like 30 minutes for someone to help us. This began the restless boy, all over the place, stage. We were finally taken back into the dressing area to get TJ measured...and there it was...a 3-way mirror! Dun, Dun, Dunnnnnn!
The remainder of the fitting went something like this: measure an arm, while lifting the guy's tie so that he cannot read the measurement; on the mirrored platform dancing like a crazy person; measure the neck; back to the mirrored platform to stomp the Eye of the Tiger song as loudly as possible; measure the waist and chest (WOW, and accomplishment...2 measurements at once); back to the mirrored platform to shake a little booty; try on a jacket...nope, too big; into the back room with the employees to find a smaller jacket; try on smaller jacket...awww, how cute; back to the mirrored platform to perform another rendition of Eye of the Tiger while everyone now stares at us; try on a shirt, while now kissing the guy's hand as he buttons the shirt; back into the back room with the employees to return the shirt.

Just when you thought the painful part was over...time to pay, and by painful, I don't mean the price! I give the guy my debit card, and out shoots like 203 reciepts. I joked, "How many times did you run my card?!" He didn't think that was very funny I guess, I only got a quick smirky grin. He begins reading me the terms and conditions...ALL of them. Wait, TJ is dancing around in circles and this time it is not because he enjoys looking at himself in the mirrors. Pause the reading; head to the bathroom in the back of the store. Finish, back out, and there he is again...ready to read on. FOREVER later, we are finally finished, but not before he mentions that we must drive back to Montgomery the week of the wedding to make sure it all fits...YEA!


  1. Hi Ashlee! Thanks for adding you link to my party! How awesome!