Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

My BFF is getting married in about 5 weeks from now, and I am the "matron of honor!" (Matron...I hate that word...sounds like I'm old or something) She and Joe have been together for 5 years and they are perfect for each other. Joe is pretty laid back, and Jenna is...well, not (I love you Jen)! I could not be more excited for them and I do not know of a more deserving person to find life long happiness than Jenna. She is an amazing friend and has been with me through all of my greatest life transitions over the past 11 years. Jenna and I met in the April during cheerleader try-outs, before we started college at Troy . For some reason (most likely jealousy of some sort), Jenna and I really disliked one another! But on the first fall day on campus, Jenna and I realized we were next door neighbors in the dorm. From that moment on, we were inseparable over the next 4 years. We are very different people; Jenna is much more outgoing and outspoken than I am, but I guess that is what made us such good friends. During our days at Troy, we cheered together, were roommates for 3 years, found our first "true loves," got our hearts broken, and had an absolute BLAST! (No, this wasn't really taken in 1994...stupid camera)

Right after I graduated college I married the most wonderful man in my eyes, and of course, Jenna was there with me.
Now it's my turn (and TJ's too ~ he's the ring bearer...) to stand up on the alter with her as she marries her best friend. But first, we must have a little fun!

Saturday a few girls and I hosted a Kitchen & Recipe Tea Shower in Prattville at the Smith-Byrd Bed & Breakfast and Tea Room. If you have never been there, and are in the area, you should definitely check them out (or if you need to host a party)! The tea was ok (I'm a southern-girl...I only know one kind of tea and it comes with ice and LOTS of sugar), but the food was Fabulous! One of the girls bought an awesome cake/cupcakes from Girl Meets Cakes was SUPER cute.
I was very pleased with how the shower turned out and hope Jenna had as much fun as we did!

Mother of the Bride, Mrs. Denise and My Mom
Jenna & her Mom
Christina, Jenna, & I

Up next...Bachelorette Party! Can't wait for the wedding...September 25th, coming soon!

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