Friday, September 3, 2010

The Baby Straight Jacket

Ever think of putting your baby in a straight jacket? No...well, me either! But, we found something that works just as well...that is if you wanted to do such a thing.
It's called a "life jacket!" We decided it was time to initiate Tristan into our world at the lake and take him on his first boat ride. Since Tristan is still not old enough to safely wear sunscreen, Papa prepared the boat, putting up the canopy, to protect his pasty-white skin. The weather was a little if-y and had been cloudy and threatening to rain all day. So, we let Tristan eat and take a nap before we ventured out. The sun was peaking through, so we decided it was as good a time as any. Once we got the "life jacket" on him, it was like he had been completely immobilized...he didn't all. When TJ was little, we would barely step foot on the boat before he passed out for a slumberous ride, so we were sure Tristan would do the same. Nope, he only closed his eyes when the wind blew them shut! The remainder of the time, he sucked his passie, eyes open...not so sure he was enjoying the ride, but was peaceful enough.
Then it came...we looked behind us...RAIN. We decided to keep riding in hopes that the rain would pass around us before he headed back home...guess again! Into the rain we went. We took refuge under a bridge until it passed and we headed towards home. NOPE, we just thought we took refuge! We still ended up right in the middle of the rain storm! Papa grabbed the boat cover and held it up to cover up the boys, while I drove the boat! Yes, I drove the boat, you heard me right...I have NEVER driven a boat! My contacts had water behind them, I couldn't see, but Papa said "You're ok" so we kept going as he pushed the gas down with his foot. But, being the great driver I am (right Honey?), we made it back safely. And poor Tristan, never made a peep! Hopefully he has forgotten this first ride and will be up for more this weekend!

The boys cuddled together trying to keep warm after the rain

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  1. I am so buying life jackets today and my kids are going to wear them all the time!

    And Yay for the success of driving the boat. Especially while blind!