Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I think we may need to branch out a little...

My AUsome brother, Lee, has been in Missouri all summer working at Kanakuk (a Christian camp) and just returned this weekend. He starts classes at Auburn on Wednesday, so he and Nana came up to our neck of the woods to eat dinner with us last night. For some reason, all kept asking "What are you making for dinner" or "Can I bring anything?" All innocent enough, but what are they thinking? I wasn't cooking! There are a few things you should know about our area: 1. There aren't many restaurants (other than fast food). 2. Most of the restaurants we do have are either BBQ, Mexican, or Chinese (We have a few new Korean ones thanks to KIA moving in, but they are REAL Korean if you know what I mean). 3. Everyone "knows" you (or knows of you) around here. Anyway, since every time my family comes in town we either eat Mexican or run to the closest Italian place, we decided to take them to the new Johnny Brusco's pizza place. As soon as we got in, I spoke to the host and he said it would be just a minute before they could get the table cleared and cleaned. I turn back around to the family and see my mom and Thomas snickering. Nana points behind me and says "look!" I turn to see TJ has climbed up into a bar stool and seems to be busting in the conversation of the two men sitting next to him. I quickly run over and ask him what he is doing. He just looks at me and continues on his quest. "Excuse me...excuse me," he says to the man sitting there. I grabbed him up and apologized for my son. We aren't even two steps away, when TJ says "Mom, I wanted to ask him how to say "hello" in Spanish." I have completely gone red in the face, and I turn to look at the man, hoping he has gone back to his original conversation. NOPE. He is KOREAN, and I hope doesn't know much English yet (or maybe he is hard of hearing)! Of course the man he is having dinner with knows our family and explains to this sweet Korean man, "You know Joe Hill? Well, that is his Grandson!"
TJ is the sweetest child and has sweet intentions, but is determined to embarrass me until I evenutally can no longer go out in public! We are working on teaching him that not every Nationality speaks SPANISH!

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  1. Ok, this is really funny! Y'all should turn TJ into a movie script and sell it! I'd watch that movie!