Tuesday, March 4, 2014

May I Introduce: Princess Tanna-Bug Cry Baby

Tanner Emilee
Baby Girl
Sweet Girl
Big Girl
Cry Baby

I'm not sure how Tanner has come to have so many nicknames, or how she has been able to learn her real name by being called so many different things!

When you ask her "What's your name?" I love that she ALWAYS responds, "I Tanna-Bug."

Also, lately she has become quite fond of "Princess." And, who wouldn't be?! Her Daddy calls her a princess. Often, her brothers fight to save her, as their Princess. Last week when we were getting ready for church, Tristan saw Tanner in her dress and he said, "Oh Tanna, you look like a pwincess!"
Later in the day, she was standing in a chair, not listening to my request that she sit down. I walked over to her, and demanded her to sit. She slowly turned around to me, with a defiant look in her eye, and said, "But Mommy, I a pwincess!"

I think Tanner is already aware of the benefits of being the youngest and takes joy in knowing and saying that she is still our Baby. She likes to be a "Big Guwl" when it suits the situation too...she isn't fooled by having to choose between a baby or a big girl just yet! While one minute Tristan is calling her a "pwincess," the next minute, he's been known to call her some other name...Cry Baby! Oh the joys of learning new things at school! On the way home the other day, Tanner informed me that she was a baby. I said, "Are you Momma's Baby?" And with a huge grin she said, "No Momma, I a cwy baby!"

She sure couldn't be more proud to be Pwincess Tanna-Bug Cwy Baby!