Tuesday, October 22, 2013

With Buttons & Bows

And Eyes So Blue,
Our Little Tanner Has Turned 2!

Can't believe my baby is TWO. This is one hurts a little. Or, if I'm honest. . .a lot. But, what's a Momma to do when she's sad about her baby growing up (way too fast), but throw a party!

Her actual birthday was last Tuesday, so we celebrated at home with dinner and cupcakes!

Then Saturday was the party. Of course when your birthday is in October, and you live in the South. . .all things revolve around football. And of course, Auburn's game was scheduled right smack dab in the middle of her party. So, we watched football, and squeezed in a party during timeouts and commercial breaks!

I worked for weeks. . .in my head. . .getting the details together. I spent hours cutting, glueing (burning my fingers way too often), sewing, and wrapping. I had my own personal sweat shop. . .working late nights and Sunday afternoons. It's so crazy that once it comes together, it feels so good and makes you forget that your baby has turned TWO. Or at least for a minute.

The usual party goers arrived, some early so as not to miss a minute of the Auburn game.

While waiting on the final stragglers, the men picked their fighters and they had a little battle of the living room.

This fabulous cake was made by Hovey's House of Cakes. She has been doing cakes for me now for a few years. . .and I keep making her try new things. . .and the button cake was perfect, as always!

Once everyone finally arrived, we jumped right in with cake.

Next commercial break. . .presents. And, let me just say, Tan loved everything. One of my favorites was when she opened a card with a $10 bill inside from Granny. . .we told her to go give Granny a hug and tell her thank you; she walked over to Granny and tossed her $10 bill back!

Special day for our special girl! We love you to Infinity and Beyond, Baby Girl!

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  1. You should go into business!!! What a perfect party! Too cute. And oh! geez. has it been that long??? The baby is 2???? Oh my. You and I go way back:)