Monday, October 28, 2013

Feeling the Fall

There's a lot to love about Fall. I love football (and that's a good thing in my house), I love crisp Fall weather that we don't get very often here, jeans and boots are my favorite clothing, I love Halloween and pumpkins, and pumpkin patches! Saturday we took the fam to Jack-o-Lanern Lane. The kiddos love it there. The hayrides to pick out the perfect pumpkin.

The boys loved the cute bunnies. . .Tanner on the other hand, not so much! She was petrified. . .wouldn't go near one, and when someone tried to bring one over to her, she jumped 10 feet into the air and started balling! Maybe next year?! She hung out by the caged chickens and turkeys!

For some reason that the Hubs and I have yet to figure out, they always love the corn grinders!

I love the picturesque scenery that makes for great pics. . .when your kids will cooperate, and mine weren't so much. . .

And the pumpkins; I love the pumpkins. I love exploring every square inch of the patch, only to end up picking the first one you spotted at the entrance. But, that's what it's all about; and it's so much fun holding hands, jumping over rows of pumpkins, looking for that perfect orange pumpkin with just the right stem to compliment your doorstep.

And, I love Halloween! The cute little costumes, or "scary" tough-guy boy costumes are so much fun to see! We've got some excited little monsters at our house. . .can't wait!

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