Monday, September 30, 2013

Sheesh September

It's the last day of September.

We've been busy.

With some of the regulars. Like Mayhem. If there's a line; he's going to cross it. . .every.single.time.

Like Elmo and the Cap just doing a little Saturday morning crafting. . .that's regular, at least at our house.

Though with football, mostly.

Daddy's football.

TJ's football practices. . .3 days a week.

TJ's first football game. He's #33. Plays corner.

And Homecoming Week. That goes along with football.
King Day and Twin Day.

Throw in a few birthdays. . .or four:

and you've got yourself (or myself) a really, REALLY busy September. October doesn't look to slow down much. We've got MORE football, Tanner's 2nd Birthday, Our Anniversary, and I'm sure a few surprises bound to catch us off guard! Stay Tuned. . .


  1. Bless your heart! Love your birthday pics. What a cute idea. You're so creative!

  2. YOU HAVE BEE SOOOO BUSY! Wow. I'm impressed. And that's hard to do, and I love, love, love the chalk greeting outside! So sweet and wonderful. The kids are growing up so fast, each and everyone are so beautiful!