Friday, September 6, 2013

The August Rush

Well, August slipped by me. School started, football continued, and I've missed posting a lot. . .family visits, a holiday, a surgery, some football games, and I sure can't remember what else at this point, and no one else is going to call me out on it, so I'll just start with what I know.

School started. I posted about that.

Thomas' cousin, Jay, and his daughter, Olivia came in town from Denver. It's always so fun when we get together, especially because Olivia has just about as much energy as my kiddos do! They swam, jumped off the dock, did the rope swing, skied, tubed, and even braved a jump from the tressel bridge. And, on the last night, we ate s'mores!

Next, football games started. First with a Jamboree; we tied. And secondly, our first home game, which we lost in a heartbreaking comeback. But, on the plus side. . .I got some cute pictures ;-)

We managed to squeeze in a quick trip to the Montgomery Zoo on a Sunday afternoon to visit with old friends! I'm writing it down, so it's in stone. . .we've vowed to see each other more often!

Ok, I think I've made it to September and we're only 5 days in at this point so I'm doing good!

Labor Day Weekend was spent at the lake. Tan is jumping off the dock, by her little self. Tristan decided not to let her out do him. . .again, and did the zip-sled for a long time. And TJ, well, he just has fun no matter what he is doing!

And, Tuesday (the day after Labor Day), Tanner had to have a 2nd set of tubes put in her ears. She did great! When they let us back into post-op recovery, she was awake. The nurse handed her to me, and she immediately turned towards her bed. She quickly piled up everything in her arms: a baby doll, her blanket, her gas mask, a balloon, and a MetLife Snoopy gift. Then she looked me square in the eyes and yelled, "GO!"

So the rest of September looks there will be more football; Springwood, Auburn, and now TJ has joined in the action! I'll write about it, when I can. . .maybe, if I have time. . .

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  1. Oh MY LORD. Yal are busier than us!!! Your family is precious and so much fun to see grow. The baby. . .oh geez. . .she is so yummy. .hope she's feeling better by now:)