Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Hill Family Reunion

...or so it felt that way!

Thomas' Aunt Betty and cousins Jay & Katharine, and their families, came to visit this past weekend. A few summers ago Jay and his wife, Caitlin, and their daughter, Olivia, came to visit. Olivia is about 2 years older than TJ, and they had a blast then and even more fun this time around! They were was too sweet for words! Even though Olivia put it into words..."I think TJ has a crush on me!" she told them after we ate dinner on Thursday night as TJ invaded her personal space all night long! Thank goodness Olivia is a sweet girl! And, believe it or not, I think TJ has met his match in the ENERGY category!!! I never, ever, in a million years, thought that I would meet another child with as much energy as TJ...but Olivia is his match! They jumped, swam, ate, jumped, swam, ate, rode the boat, did the zip sled, jumped, swam, ate...ALL 3 DAYS! I'm not sure if you can become physically ill, fever and all, after becoming that exhausted, but TJ has had a fever since Monday! Katharine and her husband, Eric, came this time as well! They have a precious 20 month old daughter, Reese. Reese is very shy, but by Sunday...she was MY buddy! I had never met Katharine, Eric, & Reese, and it was great to finally spend some time with them...they are a sweet family and maybe one day will add another precious little one to our growing Hill Family ;) Can't wait for the next visit...maybe we can make a trip out to Denver or Portland!

Aunt Betty, Reese, Katharine, & Tristan

Olivia & TJ...Move over Ali, this is TJ's new girl (at least she is a little closer to his age)

KK, Thomas, & Tristan (her 4th & 5th little boys)

TJ & Olivia before their VERY short ride! (TJ is horrible with names...he kept saying "I love...what's her name?" all weekend!)

Aunt Betty reading to TJ

Katharine & Reese before Reese's first boat ride!

I just LOVE this picture...don't they look like they are up to something?!

"Do you pinky promise?"

Uncle Mike & Tristan

Uncle Buck & Tristan...he looks excited huh?!

Granny & Tristan...I've always heard Granny liked a little male attention ;)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Sunday was not only Father's Day, but was also a special day in our family's life...TJ and Tristan were dedicated at church! This is a picture of our AWESOME pastor, Dr. Tom Tucker, and the boys after the service. We were definitely more anxious about how TJ would act in front of the whole congregation, than Tristan! TJ has been very outspoken lately...So, we practiced the "Annointing with Oil" portion of the service before hand! TJ even got to "annoint" Dr. Tom! But, believe it or not, TJ was great during the service, and Tristan was too! I think Dr. Tom let out a HUGE sigh of relief after it was over! After the dedication, TJ, not so gracefully, jumped all three stairs to exit the pulpit!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Even though my husband refuses to read this blog...

Even though Thomas refuses to read my blog, maybe for fear of what I might be saying about him, he is the best Daddy and husband a girl could ask for! I am so thankful and blessed to have Thomas as my partner in crime for a lifetime. He is an amazing Daddy to our boys, which probably has to do a lot with another wonderful man in our lives...his Daddy (aka Papa). As mentioned below, there are days that I feel there just isn't enough time to get everthing that needs to be done...well, done, much less things that I want to do, that I'll come home and he has put away the piles of laundry, or done the dishes, or made bottles for the following day, or picked weeds out of the flower bed, or cleaned our bathrooms (toilets included!), or dusted the living room! Yes ladies, I am a lucky woman...and I try dearly to realize that every day, not just on Father's Day! Thanks Honey for all that you do, large or small, it is truly appreciated! We love you more than you know!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Could I feel any worse?

We are beyond blessed to have two precious little boys! I now, however, could not feel any worse!!! I am back at work full time now; Tristan has started daycare; Thomas and TJ are out of school for the summer; I am still breastfeeding at night and in the mornings; I am trying to work out to get my body looking somewhat descent enough for my best friend's wedding in September (for which I am the maid of honor); so why could I be feeling like there isn't enough time in the day?! I am not complaining because I know how wonderful my life is...I have a job; I am married to a wonderful man and great father; I have 2 gorgeous boys; we are healthy and happy! I have been so amazed since bringing Tristan home from the hospital...amazed at how well TJ handled the whole transition to having a brother and sharing his time! I thought he was managing great, until this week...

Thomas told me the other night that TJ had mentioned that "Mommy didn't pay him any attention or play with him anymore." Thomas tried to explain, but really, what can yo say to that? So last night it got worse...I was feeding Tristan and the following conversation took place:

TJ: "Mommy, I love you!"

Me: "I love you too!"

TJ: "You love Tristan more!"

Me: (Sick at my stomach now, and feeling guilty for telling my Mom she loved my brother more--even if it was a joke!) "TJ, Mommy loves you and Tristan...and I love you both the same."

Later, while putting him to bed, I tried to tell him again how much I loved him. He said, "well, you don't pay me any attention anymore. And, when I need you, you are not there!" He probably just meant when he calls me from the toilet to check his butt, that I yell back that I can't come, but still... STAB.IN.THE.HEART!

So, obviously, not handling it as well as I thought! Can't God help me out here and make just a few more hours in the day?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"We are the Champions..."

TJ had his last T-ball/Coach Pitch game last night and man it was a thriller! They played the "purple team" who were mostly made of girls, and who's coach was a terrible pitcher and struck most of them out. Our team did great at hitting, and TJ smacked the ball into the outfield on his first at bat. At the end of the game, Coach Mark had trophies and a ball for all of the kids. At this age, they don't keep score, but TJ kept saying "We are the Champions!" He was so excited about his first trophy, and even thanked me later for taking the "pretty picture" of him and his trophy. He was however a little more excited about something else Coach Mark had given them all..."the popping game" also known as the bubble wrap the tropies were protected in!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Whoever said "lazy summertime" didn't have 2 boys...

Thomas had a AISA coaches conference last week in Panama Ciy Beach, FL. The other 2 coaches families were going, so I knew how bad Thomas wanted us to go. I reluctantly said I'd be glad to chase after a 5 year old at the beach, somehow while still managing to keep a 2 month old, who can't wear sunscreen, in the shade. I love my husband, but when it comes to knowing the details about anything...he just doesn't know, doesn't ask, I don't know what! So, we spent Memorial Saturday and Sunday at the lake and on the way home Sunday evening, Thomas decides to find out the "plans" for the trip. He calls Coach Hamilton and finds out that everyone else is leaving Monday morning...yes, TOMORROW morning! So, I have nothing packed (for me and 3 boys), no laundry done...stress starts to set in...just a little! But, we managed to "get out of dodge" only about 30 minutes later than we planned...not bad, if you ask me! Tristan was the BEST baby...slept the entire 4 hours in the car (both ways), but started screaming with hunger as soon as we arrived...can't complain there! TJ was an angel the majority of the time...playing by himself or with the other kids (who are much older). I am worn out, but all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better first trip with the family...well, except that Thomas be able to have a little fun with us and not have to work!

Tristan at the beach...what a trooper!

TJ at the sweet!

Dinner at Montego never fails...Tristan ALWAYS is hungry during our dinner time!

As you can see above, Thomas had his hands we took a picture of ourselves at Montego Bay.

TJ's treat for being so good for me while Daddy worked. He was SO excited to FINALLY be tall enough to "drive" his own car!


These boys too!