Monday, June 7, 2010

Whoever said "lazy summertime" didn't have 2 boys...

Thomas had a AISA coaches conference last week in Panama Ciy Beach, FL. The other 2 coaches families were going, so I knew how bad Thomas wanted us to go. I reluctantly said I'd be glad to chase after a 5 year old at the beach, somehow while still managing to keep a 2 month old, who can't wear sunscreen, in the shade. I love my husband, but when it comes to knowing the details about anything...he just doesn't know, doesn't ask, I don't know what! So, we spent Memorial Saturday and Sunday at the lake and on the way home Sunday evening, Thomas decides to find out the "plans" for the trip. He calls Coach Hamilton and finds out that everyone else is leaving Monday morning...yes, TOMORROW morning! So, I have nothing packed (for me and 3 boys), no laundry done...stress starts to set in...just a little! But, we managed to "get out of dodge" only about 30 minutes later than we planned...not bad, if you ask me! Tristan was the BEST baby...slept the entire 4 hours in the car (both ways), but started screaming with hunger as soon as we arrived...can't complain there! TJ was an angel the majority of the time...playing by himself or with the other kids (who are much older). I am worn out, but all in all, I couldn't have asked for a better first trip with the family...well, except that Thomas be able to have a little fun with us and not have to work!

Tristan at the beach...what a trooper!

TJ at the sweet!

Dinner at Montego never fails...Tristan ALWAYS is hungry during our dinner time!

As you can see above, Thomas had his hands we took a picture of ourselves at Montego Bay.

TJ's treat for being so good for me while Daddy worked. He was SO excited to FINALLY be tall enough to "drive" his own car!


These boys too!

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  1. FUN! And you're so right... boys do make everything way more complicated! But super fun too.