Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Hill Family Reunion

...or so it felt that way!

Thomas' Aunt Betty and cousins Jay & Katharine, and their families, came to visit this past weekend. A few summers ago Jay and his wife, Caitlin, and their daughter, Olivia, came to visit. Olivia is about 2 years older than TJ, and they had a blast then and even more fun this time around! They were was too sweet for words! Even though Olivia put it into words..."I think TJ has a crush on me!" she told them after we ate dinner on Thursday night as TJ invaded her personal space all night long! Thank goodness Olivia is a sweet girl! And, believe it or not, I think TJ has met his match in the ENERGY category!!! I never, ever, in a million years, thought that I would meet another child with as much energy as TJ...but Olivia is his match! They jumped, swam, ate, jumped, swam, ate, rode the boat, did the zip sled, jumped, swam, ate...ALL 3 DAYS! I'm not sure if you can become physically ill, fever and all, after becoming that exhausted, but TJ has had a fever since Monday! Katharine and her husband, Eric, came this time as well! They have a precious 20 month old daughter, Reese. Reese is very shy, but by Sunday...she was MY buddy! I had never met Katharine, Eric, & Reese, and it was great to finally spend some time with them...they are a sweet family and maybe one day will add another precious little one to our growing Hill Family ;) Can't wait for the next visit...maybe we can make a trip out to Denver or Portland!

Aunt Betty, Reese, Katharine, & Tristan

Olivia & TJ...Move over Ali, this is TJ's new girl (at least she is a little closer to his age)

KK, Thomas, & Tristan (her 4th & 5th little boys)

TJ & Olivia before their VERY short ride! (TJ is horrible with names...he kept saying "I love...what's her name?" all weekend!)

Aunt Betty reading to TJ

Katharine & Reese before Reese's first boat ride!

I just LOVE this picture...don't they look like they are up to something?!

"Do you pinky promise?"

Uncle Mike & Tristan

Uncle Buck & Tristan...he looks excited huh?!

Granny & Tristan...I've always heard Granny liked a little male attention ;)

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