Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hey! Guess What?

We went trick-or-treating on actual Halloween this year! TJ has been dying to be a Jedi for months and couldn't wait to get his costume on (I actually think this costume is a Storm Trooper, but that's the one he wanted and thought was a Jedi)!

Tristan was a brown cow...and it was a precious costume!

Had to get a family shot.

After the obiligatory pictures, we set out in search of candy to last us all winter. I must say that TJ is the perfect trick-or-treating age...we had a BLAST! If you have ever met my know, he doesn't meet a stranger. He will talk to anyone who will listen, even if you don't care to hear him! I believe his political career has already begun, as I was reminded at a few houses! We went around my Mom's neighborhood and many of the same people still live there that lived there when I was TJ's age. One lady in particular, who is now in her 80's, just "had to come see that baby!" She made her way down the sidewalk from her front door, and squatted down(much easier than I would've thought) to see Tristan. She began telling us that she was blind in one eye and couldn't see very good out of the other and went on and on about her Mother's sight when she was a child. Finally TJ looked over at her and said, "Well, Tristan can see out of both eyes...and so can I!" Our outting took nearly the full 2 hours allotted by the City for Trick-or-Treating because after receiving candy at each house, he would say "Hey, Guess what..." and stay a while chatting up each neighbor about their pumpkins, or the apple he had gotten at the first house, or his costume. He gave one older man a hug; he ran from one house before getting his candy because the guy scared him so bad, which he scolded when he calmed down; he even held his hand to keep the door open several times so he could finish his conversation! We had so much fun watching and listening to him at each house! I have never seen another child with his abilities to make so many people smile!

By the end of the night, both boys were exhausted...and so were we!


  1. Sweet boy! Maybe he'll be President someday! Cute costumes and super cute pictures too!

  2. Love the cow costume! So cute! Yay for getting one of all of you! I'm trying to do better about that!

  3. Love it! Those are some precious boys girl!