Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Check Out the Newest Clothing Style

Anyone have a son out there? Ok, yes. Anyone have one of these kinds:

Not a headless son, just check out the pants...I'll give you a closer look:

Now, tell me, HOW, in this world, can you not realize you have your pants on inside out?! Then, when you can't get the zipper zipped after a few minutes, you ask your Daddy to help out since it is "stuck." He, of course thinks it's hilarious and goes along to "help" you out.

Seriously, this sort of thing happens in our house at least 3 out of the 7 days each week. I have to inspect TJ's clothing, which I am sure Daddy thinks is to approve of his clothing choice that day, but really it's to make sure his shirt and/or pants are on right-side-out and facing the correct direction (and on occasion, might be to "approve" of his Daddy's clothing choice).

Before these pictures, I was desperately trying to get a current, cute...at this point, I would take a somewhat decent picture of both boys for our Christmas card. Again, no luck...for real...see for yourselves...

While I know these are not terrible, and could be considered "somewhat decent," and definitely show their feisty little (or BIG) personalities...I'm still not satisfied. If only an 8 month old responded to threats...hmmm...


  1. So funny!!! And I think the Christmas pictures are precious! Your boys are so cute:)

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  3. I totally understand the quest to get the perfect picture. However, your pictures are great, I seriously would be ecstatic to have one turn out that well. My 16 month old daughter bursts into tears nearly every time we pose her next to her 3 yr old brother. She loves him, just doesn't want her picture taken with him, apparently.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm following you back!