Monday, October 4, 2010

"It's Wedding Day!"

The weekend of September 25th was the long awaited wedding of my best friend Jenna and her, now husband, Joe. Thomas and TJ drove me to Montgomery Thursday after work mainly because TJ had to have his last tux fitting...the only problem was that he realized he was going to be barefoot at the wedding. Really??? What kid doesn't like to go barefoot? Answer: TJ!

Thursday night we had planned a "Girl's Night Out" in place of a Bachelorette Party. We ate Mexican, had a Margarhita or two, and suprised Jenna with an old friend who flew in from Italy to be at the wedding!

We also surprised her with lingerie which she replied "Thank you, but I will NEVER be able to eat here again!" The funniest gift was a pair of black panties from Viv, who traveled from England, that said "Floosie" on them!

Promised I wouldn't post any lingerie pics!

Jenna, Me, and Tanya (Jenna's sister...yea, full-blooded, real sister!)

Friday we were pampered at a Spa with Mani's and Pedi's and ate cupcakes and drank champagne...that's my kind of morning!

Then we ran around, doing errands, until time for the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal we headed to eat a yummy Italian dinner. TJ and Jenna's cousins from California had a blast! I'm telling you...this kid NEVER meets a stranger!

Saturday morning, TJ was the last to wake up. He walked into the main room of the hotel and sleepily declared, "it's wedding day!" It was really cute! He was super excited to wear his "Ring Security" t-shirt until it was tux-time!

However, the part that took my breath away was this part (and no, my dress wasn't too tight)!

The show started and it was TJ's turn (the flower girl bailed)...
I asked him after the wedding why he was upset walking down and he said, "Everyone was laughing at me because I didn't have on any shoes!"

The wedding was beautiful, but the Bride was gorgeous!

We had a blast dancing, the food was delicious and I was so proud to have my family there with me. Be looking for this on your Christmas card this year!


  1. What a wonderful weekend! That TJ is ADORABLE! Could your child be any cuter?! Miss you girl! Must do lunch soon!

  2. Awww! What a handsome ring "bear" as Lucy used to say. Beautiful bride and matron of honor!!!