Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Man

Well, TJ is officially a little man! He turned 5 in January! I can't believe how fast the past 5 years have flown brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, smart, sweet, funny little boy. He brings so much joy and love into our lives, and obviously the unknown!

TJ chose to have his party at Frog Legs again. What a fun place, and everything is taken care of! We invited some old friends from daycare, who we miss dearly, and some new friends from Springwood. The kids jumped and played and were completedly worn out by the time they left.

Thomas, Ashley, & Lacey (his first little girl friend)

Opening presents was so fun to watch! TJ usually "helps" everyone open their birthday presents, but on his birthday Wyatt decided to "help" TJ! It was hilarious! Wyatt would completely take the gift away from TJ and tear into it. I don't think he opened one by himself! Wyatt's mother was horrified, but I haven't laughed that hard in a while! He was so excited about the presents and he knew they weren't for was really cute! So here are several pictures of TJ opening his presents...I meant Wyatt opening TJ's presents!

I did manage to get a few pictures of TJ after the gifts were actually opened! I think Wyatt just liked to unwrap?!

The past 5 years have been a blast! Can't wait to see what the next 5 have in store for us!


  1. Happy Birthday to TJ!! Can't believe he's 5 and he's about to have a little brother! ;) Man time flys!!