Monday, February 15, 2010


Our family is truly blessed to have the best family, friends, and co-workers! They are always amazing me with how much they care for us. Friday, was a teacher in-service day at Springwood. The teachers had secretly been planning a little baby shower for Thomas. Little did most of them know, there are a few blabber mouths within their midst and the secret got out to Thomas. Well, Friday it snowed, and pretty heavy for around here. Thomas had a baseball meeting he had to attend in Auburn, and so his mom called me to see if I could come to the shower because she didn't think Thomas would make it back. Well, his meeting got cancelled, of course after he had driven all the way to Auburn, so he made it back in time. Because of all of the snow, we both ended up getting off of work early. When I arrived home, Thomas said he had something to show me...

Thomas had been trying to keep his "secret" shower a secret from me, which I knew about because his mom had called me! However, Thomas and I both were so surprised by all of the gifts we recieved from the not-so-secret shower! How blessed we truly are!


  1. That is awesome Ashlee!!! When I was pregnant with Drew my co-workers and clients gave me a surprise diaper shower. I did not buy a pack of diapers until Drew was 7 months old. That was BY FAR the best shower I ever had!

  2. That's awesome!!! Those things are so expensive! So glad they did that for yall!! ;)