Thursday, February 11, 2010


I've probably mentioned a time or two that TJ is a very talkative child...well, that is unless I ask him about what he did at school that day (see post below). He tends to get chattier as he grows sleepier, so maybe that has been his problem the last couple of nights. But, he has literally talked my ear off! Thomas and I take turns reading him a book and tucking him into bed each night. Tuesday night was my night, so he chose to read Hanzel & Gretel, during which he was actually quiet. As soon as I shut the book closed he started up again. Finally I just cut him off and said, "it's time for bed, you need to stop talking." He whispered, "But Mom, I just have to tell you one more thing." So, of course, being a semi-push over, I agreed to let him say one more thing.

TJ: "Mom, do you remember in the dinosaur movie (Jurassic Park...and yes, I let him watch Jurassic Park...he loves it, just get over it, I know he's 5!) when the T-rex saves those people from the velociraptors?"

Me: "Yes" (That was a random thought...)

TJ: "Well, do you know what I would do if a T-rex saved me from velociraptors?"

Me: "No, what?"

TJ: "I'd write him a thank you card!"

Me: (Giggling other words, laughing loudly, but trying to hold it in) "Well, isn't that nice."

TJ: "What do you think the T-rex would do when he got my thank you card?"

Me: (I don't you?) "He would probably give you a big, slobbery kiss."

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  1. That boy is something else! And don't worry about him watching "the dinosaur movie" my guys watch all three of them. And spider man too. I know, I'm horrible. I'm just glad they'll watch "real" movies and not just cartoons!