Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Often Tiring, Highly Cute T&T

These two are a hand FULL! They should've just been twins. . .at least I could've gotten the painful part over all at once! They are two peas in a pod; inseparable! Which is so sweet, but oh so tiring! They play, fight, share (germs at least) all of the time. Tristan wants his "Sissy" to be where he is and do what he is doing, and for the most part, she goes a long with him.

The other day I was driving them to school and the following "conversation" ensued (if you can call it that considering Tanner refuses to talk and just grunts and smiles and squeals and screams):

Tristan: "Mommy, I need a drink."

Me: "Tristan, I didn't bring your cup. You can have a sip of Sissy's drink when we get to school."

Tristan: "Ok Mommy."

Tristan: "Sissy. . .Sissy. . ."

Tanner: Grunts and leans up to see him

Tristan: "Pretty gurl, Pretty gurl. . .give me your mayalk."(really drawn out and southern slang for "milk.")

Tanner: Smiles and returns to watching Mickey

Tristan: "Sissy. . .Sissy. . ."

Tanner: Grunts and looks his way again

Tristan: "Pretty Pincess, Pretty Pincess. . .give me your mayalk."

Tanner: Laughs this time and again ignores him and returns to Mickey.

How does he already know how to sweet talk the ladies?! And thank the Lord, she already knows to ignore that crap!

Escorting "Pretty Princess" at TJ's basketball game

Now, our sweet Tanner has officially started acting like a toddler. She is quite the little diva when things don't go her way:

After dinner Sunday night, she proceeded to throw herself on the floor for who knows why, and Tristan just looked down at her and said, "You betta watch chu attitude Miss Pincess!" And then walked off.

At least they add a little entertainment value, right?!

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  1. Ha!!! Oh my. She is a princess and a diva and she is totally running the show. And that Tristan, he cracks me up every time. He reeeaaallly needs a tv show:)