Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Magic of Mayhem

A few short stories for laughs:

Tristan & "Sweet Brown"
If you have never seen the youTube video of "Sweet Brown," please check it out first and then read on:

Last week, a local mill caught on fire. It has now been called the worst fire in the City's history. Our daycare is realively close to the Mill's location, so the next day, the area was still extremely smokey. The kids weren't allowed outside that day at school. When I picked Tristan & Tanner up that afternoon and we walked outside to the car, Tristan covered his mouth and nose and coughed a little. I looked down and asked if he was ok, and he said, "The smoke got me! I got bronchitis! Ain't nobody got time for dat!" Perfect timing, and completely hilarious! I need to video him and put his version on youTube!

That Bunny
Last Friday was my birthday. I was treated to a grilled steak dinner by my sweet husband, and dessert made special from my mom.

And Saturday, my in-laws took us to Longhorn's for dinner. They brought me a Birthday Sundae, and I didn't eat a bite. . .the kids devoured it in like 2 minutes!

After dinner, we drove to the mall so I could pick out some sunglasses for my birthday present. As soon as we walked in, straight in front of us was the Easter Bunny. All of my kids loved him, even Tanner! I don't think Tristan really remembers the Easter Bunny from last year, and was quite intrigued by what he does. So, after explaining him. . .several times during our mall shopping he felt the need to reiterate how this was all going to work. "Mommy, dat bunny gonna come to my house, bring me some canny, and I'm gonna say HEEAAAYYYYY!" Yep, he's got it ;-)

My Name
After naps on Sunday afternoon, we headed outside to play. I was shooting the basketball with TJ and Thomas, and it bounced beside Tristan.

Me: "Tristan, will you get the ball for me?"

Tristan: "My name is Butta."

Me: "Butta?"

Tristan: "Yes, Butta. And, I'll get the ball for you."

Identity crisis? This morning, he was fussing about something and I said something like, "It's ok, baby." He said, "My name's not baby!" I asked if it was Tristan? He said no. . .

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