Wednesday, May 2, 2012


is so much fun! Thomas turned 30 a month ago...on April 2nd. I'm really bad at keeping secrets, especially from Thomas, but I just had to do it! Mostly, I had to do it because he thought I couldn't pull off a surprise party without him finding out...but I did! Since Tristan's birthday is 2 days before Thomas', I was able to use that to my advantange so I wouldn't have to tell too many little lies to get him where I wanted him to be. I did have to sneak phone numbers out of his phone after he had gone to bed one night, but other than that, it really wasn't that difficult! It was so great to have our families there and quite a few of Thomas' local friends and coaches showed up too. Thanks to all who made his 30th memorable!
It was FUN, but I think it will be a while before I try that again!

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  1. FUN!!!!! You are such a great wife!!! Was Thomas super surpised? Did he ask you a million questions on how you pulled it off!! Your a better woman than me! So glad you guys had a ball!