Friday, May 18, 2012

Oops, HE did it again!

As you know, the warm weather is here...well, actually it never really got too cold this year! And warmer weather brings fun times outdoors, and baseball! I love baseball; I love to watch baseball games on T.V., in person, and even little league; I love watching atletic men in baseball pants too ;-) But, I especially love this little pair of baseball player and coach:
And, if they weren't so darn cute, then I would be rather irritated with the older one. He is coaching again, so I try to leave all of the baseball stuff up to him. However, yet again , he forgot to, failed to mention, didn't want to, was too cheap to get my sweet boy's picture taken again! He knows how much I love pictures, but acts like he completely forgot that his own son had picture day too! He gave me a sly smile and said, "I think the pictures you take turn out better anyway!" So, I said "Fine," (which should've clued him into how irritated I was). Then, before the next game I made them stand outside and take pictures...until I was happy! And they did...without fussing...and I actually got a few pretty good ones rather quickly, so I didn't get to make them suffer as long as I had hoped! But, I'm sure next sports season will roll around soon enough ;-)

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  1. I love baseball and softball season too!!!! And these pics are awesome and you're a great photographer!!!! And. . .ummm. . .your husband is right. . .they do charge to much for those pics. . . I wish I had you here to take the pics for me too:)