Friday, January 14, 2011

A Quick Friday Funny

Last night we all stayed up extra late (like 10pm) to watch the undefeated Springwood varsity basketball game. TJ never actually watches the games. Any of them...not even his Daddy's games. He just plays with all of the other wild children, that can't sit still, out in the gym lobby. So last night, he was playing, and I assume chasing some older girls around. The girls eventually wore out and ran into the WOMEN's restroom. After several minutes, TJ strolls up to the consession counter and tells the consession mom's that "those girls have been in the bathroom for a long time," and that "he knows they aren't really going to the bathroom, they're just hiding!" So, one of the mom's tells him not to worry, that they will come out in a minute. A second later, she sees a flash run by, and turns to the other mothers..."Was that TJ...and did he just run into the WOMEN's bathroom?" She goes to check, and sure enough she walks out with TJ by the wrist. All of the mom's were still giggling, but trying to tell him that he can't go into the WOMEN's restroom...he's a BOY! He just threw his hands up innocently and said, "Why not?! My Mom takes me in there with her all of the time!"


  1. well he does have a point. Those silly girls shouldn't be playing in the bathroom anyway!

  2. So funny! :) He totally cracks me up!