Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I humbly and graciously accept this award...

What a week...well, now we are going on a week and a half!!! Last Monday we started off by taking TJ to the dentist to get a crown, yes you heard right, a crown on a 6 year old, put on one of his molars. The child grinds his teeth so badly that he cracked his tooth down to the nerve. And, to add to my "Mom of the Year" award, that I'll be receiving later this week after everything returns to normal, he had told me for a week or so that it was hurting. I knew he had a dentist appointment, so I just told him that I would have them check it out then. Bad Mommy. So after the shots in his mouth, gas to keep him calm, and cement to keep the crown on, TJ sits up and throws up. So nauseous little boy and 30 minute drive home = super fun!

Fast forward to Thursday. Tristan has been waking up the past few nights around 1:00am, then again about 4:30. We think he is just out of his routine since we have just traveled to Kentucky. I did notice that he had been pulling on his ears a little, but he does that when he is tired anyways, and because I'm busy writing my acceptance speech for "Mom of the Year," I figured I'd mention it to the Dr. at his appointment on Thursday. True to form, baby pulling on ears = ear infection. So, shots, a finger prick, and ear infection for baby Tristan. Did I mention it's also super fun to give a 9 month old antibiotics!

Here comes Friday, 4:00pm...the weekend is in full view...phone call from Thomas..."After school program just called and said TJ has busted his head open and they think he might need stitches..." Of course, as our life goes, he also had a basketball game that started in 30 minutes and his assistant coach wouldn't be there to take over! So, he checks on TJ, who can't remember where he is or his teacher's names so they head to the hospital. I leave work and meet them there. Once I get there, TJ seems to be doing fine, and his head isn't bleeding. So, I assure Thomas I won't be mad if he leaves for his game. A few minutes later we are called back. They check him out, get his cut cleaned...and it starts bleeding again. Oh no. So, they get a shot to numb the area (which in case you aren't familiar with this process...they actually stick the needle directly into the cut, inject some numbing meds, pull it out, inject it into another area of the cut, etc, etc, etc, until the screaming child has a death grip so tight on your fingers that they go white, and his face is so red from the blood rushing to it you wonder how his cut is still bleeding!). Then, they stapled his wound shut...3 times! I assume this is where my award for "Mom of the Year" was really won. Horrible experience...next time is Daddy's turn!

Now here comes the kicker, TJ wakes up this morning barking, I mean coughing, his head off, sniffing, runny nose, running a 101.3 degree fever! I am thinking of resigning as "Mom of the Year!"


  1. BOOO :( I have been there (a lot) and done that. I hope everyone gets well soon and your life can resume as normal!

  2. Sad! Cut yourself some slack, pretty momma! None of those things could be helped. And honestly, about the ear infection, my kids have had them, and I forgot to give the antibiotic after only two doses, and it healed on it's own! I asked our doc about it, and she said ear infections can and will heal on their own. What do you think they did in the old days?? And about the tooth.. That's a typical boy for ya! Do you think L would EVER let me brush off her mouth hurting?? Heck no! If her tooth was hurting, she would be all in my face, "Momma!!! Momma!! It HURTS!!!" until I took her in. My boys?? Would have teeth fall out before they complained enough! True story to prove my point: L had a red throat and complained as if it were on fire. Take her in and learn she's got strep. For three whole days, none of my boys were eating well. I finally have to ask if any have a sore throat. They all shake their heads and I shine a light in there and there are puss pockets everywhere! All three had strep too, but they didn't whine like she does, so I had no idea! I felt awful!
    And sorry about the stitches and sickness. Poor baby! Hope he's well SOON!!

  3. Wow.... what a week. So sorry things were so crazy for you! Sounds like you handled everything great, though!