Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Baby Food

I think I have previously mentioned this, but if not, here it is...TJ is slightly obsessed with a certain female body part...or parts...breasts. Always has been intrigued by them. Because of this, I found it difficult to explain to him how I would be feeding his brother. I did tell him that only Mommy could feed the baby for a while, but didn't mention the method in which this would take place. Another reason being that TJ feels no shame in sharing everything we have ever done or told him to total strangers; and I didn't feel like his teacher calling me up to say that TJ had explained to the class of 4 & 5 year olds that the baby would suck on his Mommy's boobies!

So, at the hospital TJ comes in while I am feeding the baby. He climbs on the bed to give me a kiss and notices what is going on and immediately says,

TJ: "What's HE doing!?"

Me: I tried not to smile too big, and just reminded him "remember Mommy said I had to feed the baby?"

TJ: Staring intently at my breast: "Yes. What's he eating?"

Me: "Milk"

TJ: He sits and stares for another minute and you can tell he is really trying to understand. The he points to the other side and says "So, he eats food from that one?"


  1. That's hilarious!!! :) He's too cute. Hope you're doing well. Can't wait to see more pictures. Love ya girl! I will try to get Tristan's gift in the mail asap. :)

  2. Smart boy! I think it's good for boys to understand that those things have a purpose!! And it's not just for their eyes! :-) I'm sure my boys won't remember me nursing when they are teenagers, but I will be happy to remind them if necessary!

  3. Ha! That is so funny! TJ is so precious - I can't wait to too see little Tristan's personality :)