Friday, March 2, 2012

So Fresh, and So Clean Clean

A New Mayhem Story:

Last night Mayhem had a total of 3 baths...all within a span of about 30 minutes time. First bath, he pooped in the tub. And, this is after we had already changed a stinky diaper first! This has become a habit. We have tried everything to keep him from pooping in the tub...other than just not bathing him at all! So, he was moved to the other bathroom and finished with a shower for bath #2. Immediately after getting out of said shower, we ate dinner. Yes, I know...our own fault! We should've given him baths #1 and #2 after dinner, but we like to do extra work at the end of a long day...and long week for that matter! During dinner, Mayhem rubbed all things into his skin, hair, even eyebrows. We weren't tempting the bath-time poop again, so on to shower #3!

Then, this morning, I guess he assumed he didn't get clean enough last night, I found him with a box of wipes...rubbing himself and all!

I LOVE Mayhem, but he makes me tired!

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