Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mayhem, Sweetness, and the Princess

Well, I've got it...I've officially figured out the best way to describe Tristan in all of his glory! Meet "Mayhem!"

I absolutely love those commercials, and the other day it just hit me...that's my Tristan! He is absolutely hilarious, a total mess, and quite hard to control:

This was after about an hour of trying to get him to stay in his bed! Not sure if this is a "win" for me, or for him?! (And, yes those are Christmas pj's in February!)

After this getting out of bed fighting has gotten progressively worse over the last few nights, TJ said he would sleep with Tristan to help him feel better! And, sweetest.son.ever.

And, Princess Tanner is growing up so fast! She is already 4 months old and is such a doll. We are really enjoying her!

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