Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OH NO...

it's the BIG 3-0! I turned 30 on March 15th...and believe it or not, I wasn't taking it too bad. I guess I am satisfied in my old age, and life at 30. I mean, what do I have to be unhappy about?!

But, my sneakier than sneaky husband, couldn't leave well enough alone. He just LOVES that I am a year older than he is (even stooping to call me his "cougar"). For 2 weeks out of the year, it even appears that I am a whopping 2 years older than he...which truly delights him. However, I must say, that since I go first in all of the birthday milestones, he better watch out because payback is...well, you all know what it is! All kidding aside, I know he means well and wants to make every occasion memorable. So, SURPRISE to me!

My brother had come to our house Saturday because he said he was bored since all of his friends were spring breaking. We played Wii and basketball until all were hungry. Thomas had every last detail planned, and even asked where I wanted to go for dinner! Knowing that I would pick El Rio, and fall right into his trap! I had wanted to go there earlier in the week, and since he goes with my "suggestions" 99.9% of the time, I was really disappointed when he had turned my idea down. But, I never caught on...never had a clue! My mom and both brothers were there (Tyler had driven from Dothan), my in-laws (even Micheal...who was on Spring Break- and Carson from GA), my best friend Jenna from Montgomery, and all of the coaches and their wives that we have become good friends with over the last few football seasons.

I had lots of fun and thanks to my sweet husband and all of our friends and family who have been a part of my first 30 years! Can't wait to see what the next 30 has in store!


  1. LOVE THIS! Wish we had been able to make it! I turn 30 this summer-YIKES!

  2. How fun! That is so sweet of your husband to surprise you like that, even if he did call you his cougar, haha. :-)

    My husband and I share a birthday, although he is two years older, so it makes surprising each other kind of hard. But when he turns 30 next year he'd better watch out! ;-)

  3. how sweet is he?? S glad you had a great bday! :)

  4. Yeah!!!! That's so fantastic. What a great story, and husband and birthday!

    I love that he calls you his "cougar". That cracks me up. Also you look so pretty in your picture. Not a day over 20, I say :) Welcome to your 30's, the best is yet to come!