Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Programs, Programs, Programs

The Christmas season can be SO hectic...especially with school aged children I'm finding out! Last week, we had the school Christmas program on Tuesday (Maybe I can upload the video if it's not too was absolutely hilarious); practice Wednesday for the Church program; Parent's night out Friday night (awesome to get a little date night and some shopping done); Saturday morning was Breakfast in Bethlehem at our Church; And was Papa's Birthday, Thomas was ordained a Deacon of our Church, and the Children's Christmas program and dinner were Sunday night!

Breakfast in Bethlehem is always fun, even though I've heard it called "Breakfast in Chaos!" We ate a delicious breakfast, followed by our Pastor's reading of the real Christmas Story. That's just the calm before the the children got to do a few Christmas crafts. Yikes! I must say, we were a little smarter this year and used glue dots instead of trying the 'ole Elmer's again! They also set up the manger scene, where you can dress up as the wise men, or the angel, or Mary and Joseph...we even had a sit-in Baby Jesus this year. Here are a few pictures from the day:

Friday, December 10, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Last Sunday we got our Christmas tree at a local farmer's market instead of going out to the tree farm (much to TJ's dismay). Tristan didn't make it for the set-up stage, but that's not the fun part anyway!

A short while later, I had two eager boys ready to decorate...or one ready to decorate and the other to tear them all down ;)

While I was supposed to be helping finish up hanging the lights, I snapped another picture or two intead...

Once I got back on task, which made the husband quit tapping his irrated, why aren't you helping me, foot (which I don't blame him for), we decorated rather quickly. Tristan again didn't make the end and fell asleep on Daddy while decorating. But, the rest of us enjoyed the finale.

Last night we tried to make the West Point Christmas Parade (and, not to get into a political chat on the family blog, but it is CHRISTmas that we are celebrating)! However, we ran late and only made it for the last...ummm...maybe 2 minutes of the parade. But, we were there to see Santa on the fire truck closing it all out.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Monday, December 6, 2010

8th Monthiversary

Tristan is 8 months old!!! He has been such a wonderful baby...BUT he has flipped the was all just a tease! In the past month he has become a full-on monster, a cute one, but a monster none the less! Well, maybe I'm being too harsh...nah, I'm not! Tristan has started to throw he's 2 years old! He grunts and jerks his body (or jumps up and down if his feet are on the ground) when he doesn't get what he wants; he fights tooth and nail EVERY time we put him in his car seat; he decided it would be fun to stay up ALL.NIGHT.LONG for about a week and a half...I think just to see if we would survive! I seriously thought God had to decided to give us a break with this one since our first is worth 2 handfulls! Guess again. It has also become increasingly difficult to take Tristan's picture, see proof:

Tristan is crawling everywhere and is into everything. He mainly uses his crawling indepedence to get somewhere he can pull up. He rakes anything he can reach off of tables, shelves, etc. He is saying a few words...mainly Dada...yea, Dada! Little stinker just smiles at me when I babble "Mama...Mama...Mama" over and over, and then says "Dada!" That's fine, he can call his "Dada" in the middle of one of his tantrums at 1:30 in the morning 'cause I sure won't respond to that! In all seriousness, we can take the child anywhere...he loves looking around and being around people, so I guess we can be thankful for that right now ;)

I was able to get a cute picture of both boys, even though Tristan is looking at his "Dada."