Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What's that Sound?

Sorry Nana for sharing this, but it is too funny not to! Thomas spent the night with his Nana last Friday night since we were going to an adult Sunday School dinner/social/thingy, AND more importantly Nana "had been missing him!" Well, when I called Saturday morning on my way to Auburn to pick him up, Nana sounded utterly exhausted! She said that Thomas had woken up about 3:00 am and needed to go to the bathroom. So, after using the potty, they climbed back in bed. Thomas restlessly tried to go back to sleep, and as Nana puts it...THEY did'nt get much sleep after 3:00. But, she said that Thomas kept saying "Nana, what's that sound!" She would sleepily reply, "I don't hear anything." A few minutes later..."Nana, what's that sound!" "Nothing TJ." Finally he said, "Nana, what's that sound...YOU'RE making!" My poor little man was being kept awake by Nana, who was obviously sleeping...and SNORING! They finally decided to just get up about 5:00! Thomas was so pooped on Saturday that he took a 3 1/2 hour nap!!! Thanks Nana!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mya or should I say Houdini?

I am really excited to get started posting on this blog. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and finally took the time to set one up...and surprisingly I took the most time coming up with the blog title! I really wanted to start this as a way to keep up with everyday occurances that happen in our lives and to share them with friends and family. My mom is always saying "you should write that down!" Most of the posts will probably be about our four year old, T.J., but lately most of our craziness revolves around the dog, Mya!!! We adopted her from the Humane know, trying to save just one! She was the sweetest, quietest puppy in the place! Come to find out, she is magic...should've named her Houdini! You see her pictured, she's not THAT big...yeah well, she can clear a 4 1/2 foot fence standing still! We bought a chain link fence so that she could spend the days outside instead of in a kennel...nice right? Well, she doesn't think so! We have spent who knows how much money rigging (Thanks Honey) the fence to keep her in. Thomas boards the top, she digs underneath the fence. He boards the bottom and puts net over the top, she jumps thru the net and puts a hole in it. Now, when she gets out you would think we would be worried that she will run away...well, don't worry about that...I couldn't make her run away! She just goes to the front and back doors and tears the weather stripping away trying to get in the house! But, in saying all of this, know that our son loves his dog and always says "Mya is my best friend Mommy," with his sweetest blue eyes. And I have to give her credit, she is absolutey GREAT with TJ. What's a Mommy to do?