Monday, October 10, 2011

Check List

40 Weeks (past). Check.
Nursery ready. Check.
Tristan settled in new bed. Check.
Clothes washed. Check.
Hospital bag packed. Check.
Thomas' biggest game of the year played. Check.
Work in order for maternity leave. Check.
House clean (never gonna happen anyway, so...) Check.
Grocery shopping done for week. Check.
Laundry done...for the moment. Check.
Not sleeping. Check.
Emotionally exhausted. Check.
Eaten spicy foods. Check.
Ridden over speed bumps. Check.
Taken long walks. Check.

Either this little lady is extremely stubborn (like we need any more stubbornness in our family), or she is really laid back. Thomas says she is already acting like a woman by showing up late! Not sure what the hold up is...but I'm pretty sure it's not on my end...I've already cried twice today so I think my hormones are doing their job! To be honest, I'd be scared to come home to our house, with these boys...but they really are sweet and relatively harmless...I promise! I've been told the full moon is Tuesday night, so maybe that'll work?!