Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm a little Batty...

most days, but even more this time a year for Halloween! After TJ's meltdown Wednesday night because we didn't have time after church to carve his pumpkin, we promised that Thrusday night would be THE night. Being the "stuff as much as we can into one day" sort of people, we first had to pick up the frozen cookie dough that we sold to raise money for the school...that had to stay frozen...that my bestest husband put into the refrigerator at home (not too much sarcasm here...he really is the bestest); we headed to an early soccer game, which I had to take off from work a little early to make it on time; then we headed home to, if I do say so myself, a wonderfully delicious crock pot of Potato Soup...of course, the whole way home, TJ is complaining that he "might not like the soup...what will happen if he doesn't like the potato soup...what will he eat..." and so on and so on. After Thomas and I enjoyed our bowl(s) of soup (TJ decided he wouldn't eat dinner last night) and fed Tristan, it was Pumpking Carving Time. TJ did not want to stick his hand inside the pumpkin because of the "goop," so Mommy did all of the dirty work (does it make me wierd that I kind of like that part?). We have one of those books with patterns, and TJ picked out a "ghostly bat" pattern for his Daddy to carve. I must say, Thomas has amazing carving abilities! What a fun night...can't wait to see how cute they are all dressed up...well as cute as a Jedi can be...
"Mommy's Little Monster" enthralled by the pumpkin action.

He just HAD to use that knife to cut the top!

"Helping Daddy"

Working Hard sawing the throw-away pieces

After 15 shots of trying to get the camera setting right...I introduce Count Batula...he was happy to join his brother from another mother, Thug.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Become like the Tortiose, not the Hare...

TJ has a notebook that comes home daily from school with all of his work throughout that particular day. There is a "keeper" folder, a "bounce-back" folder, and a "homework" folder inside. As the school-involved parents we should be, we check this notebook each night for any keepers, bounce-backs, or homework. To be perfectly honest, most of the stuff that is a "keeper" ends up in the trash can. I do look through it, but I would be turned in to that Hoarder show if I kept, at all of the paper! But, Monday night as I was scanning the soon to be trash pile, I noticed a -4 on one of TJ's papers. Upon closer inspection, I saw a red...dun, dun, dunnnnn. It said "Slow down and take your time. Make sure you do not leave anything blank." So, I figured this was one of those times. TJ was sitting on the counter "helping" me cook dinner. I showed him the paper and read the note to him. I tried to explain that he doesn't need to rush through his work, and that he needs to take his time and make sure nothing is left blank when he turns his paper in.

His response: "Ok, but I was trying to hurry...I saw some Legos that I wanted to play with!"

This is the started his infatuation with Starwars...and Legos! Is is worth mentioning that his DADDY got him this game?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meet Crazy Lady...

...and this time I'm not referring to myself! This is crazy lady and her friends, Thug and Auburn.

Last Sunday we headed to Auburn to hang out with Nana for a while and so I could spend a little one-on-one time with TJ. Nana kept Tristan while TJ and I headed out in search of a few pumpkins. We ended up finding his Halloween costume, 2 comforters for his bunk beds, and pumpkins. It was a gorgeous day in Auburn, so we painted pumpkins outside in the sun. I painted an Auburn paw on one pumpkin, while TJ painted the second small pumpkin. We couldn't get the white paint pen to work, so he got gold teeth, which I thought complimented the gold nose ring nicely.
Thug + Auburn = Forever

TJ finished Thug off with a red paw print on the back to support his school.

Since Thug had been given some school spirit and now supports TJ's school, Nana let us take him home to our house. He is now protecting our front door...with his looks. Happy Fall!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Football Season or Fútbol Season?

Tristan's onesie is courtesy of Dezigns by Karla...check her out HERE.

Football season is in full swing now, which means Daddy is working his butt off 6 out of 7 days a week. (And not that this is totally on the subject, but the Department of Labor should really require overtime payment for coaches.) And being the huge Auburn fans that we are, we try to make every home game...which takes up most of our Saturdays. But, we decided that this year, being the first football season with two kids to juggle, would be a good year to squeeze in some more fútbol!

TJ wanted to try out soccer this year, and since we must be a little crazy-in-the-head to try to squeeze anything else into the fall, we said "Sure!" And then, Thomas got begged into coaching (which if you know Thomas at all, you know he doesn't like soccer, nor does he know anything about it!) They scheduled the games around Thomas' football schedule, so his only "early night" is now "soccer night!" But, our boys will only be little once, and we want them to have as much fun and as many experiences as they can. So, if it makes things a little more hectic for a few months, I just think...I can rest when they are grown! Last Saturday was the first game of the season. I think the kids, AND the coaches, had a great time! However, it would have been a little sweeter to put a check in the WIN column, but a tie will work for the first game ;)

Pre-game Streching...Very important!

Practicing the Winning Goal

Look at Daddy in the background...enjoying SOCCER!

Maybe he's lost...not really sure where the other kids or the BALL are?

"Excuse me, may I throw the ball?" he asked the 15 year old referee...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

6th Monthiversary

Tristan turned 6 months this past weekend. He weighs 16lbs 6oz, and is 26" long. He isn't crawling yet, but can scoot backwards and turn his body 360 degrees using his arms. He is sitting, but still pretty unstable.

We started rice cereal on Saturday, and man that was fun! Thomas could hardly stand to watch and would cringe and hold his breath with every bite, while Tristan turned his head to get away from the spoon and gag. Thomas shot the camera over and over, and was able to get some cute pictures.

I tried once again to take a picture of both boys, my attempt was yet again unsuccessful. TJ tried really hard to get me the perfect shot, but Tristan has turned into a wiggle worm and only wanted to "kiss" and touch TJ's face. It was sweet, but NOT photogenic!

Monday, October 4, 2010

"It's Wedding Day!"

The weekend of September 25th was the long awaited wedding of my best friend Jenna and her, now husband, Joe. Thomas and TJ drove me to Montgomery Thursday after work mainly because TJ had to have his last tux fitting...the only problem was that he realized he was going to be barefoot at the wedding. Really??? What kid doesn't like to go barefoot? Answer: TJ!

Thursday night we had planned a "Girl's Night Out" in place of a Bachelorette Party. We ate Mexican, had a Margarhita or two, and suprised Jenna with an old friend who flew in from Italy to be at the wedding!

We also surprised her with lingerie which she replied "Thank you, but I will NEVER be able to eat here again!" The funniest gift was a pair of black panties from Viv, who traveled from England, that said "Floosie" on them!

Promised I wouldn't post any lingerie pics!

Jenna, Me, and Tanya (Jenna's sister...yea, full-blooded, real sister!)

Friday we were pampered at a Spa with Mani's and Pedi's and ate cupcakes and drank champagne...that's my kind of morning!

Then we ran around, doing errands, until time for the rehearsal.

After the rehearsal we headed to eat a yummy Italian dinner. TJ and Jenna's cousins from California had a blast! I'm telling you...this kid NEVER meets a stranger!

Saturday morning, TJ was the last to wake up. He walked into the main room of the hotel and sleepily declared, "it's wedding day!" It was really cute! He was super excited to wear his "Ring Security" t-shirt until it was tux-time!

However, the part that took my breath away was this part (and no, my dress wasn't too tight)!

The show started and it was TJ's turn (the flower girl bailed)...
I asked him after the wedding why he was upset walking down and he said, "Everyone was laughing at me because I didn't have on any shoes!"

The wedding was beautiful, but the Bride was gorgeous!

We had a blast dancing, the food was delicious and I was so proud to have my family there with me. Be looking for this on your Christmas card this year!